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The problem – Counterfeit menace

India counterfeit market is INR 3 trillion+

E-commerce contributes ~ 25% to fake industry

Counterfeit luxury market growing 20% rate

  • Over the last decade, a rapid growth in the trade of duplicate goods in India
  • Counterfeit goods manufactured in India are increasingly finding their way into the global markets
  • Illicit/grey markets are instrumental in providing funding to criminal and terrorist organizations!

Counterfeit is a menace plaguing the Indian industry

With growth in Indian economy, the menace of counterfeit products is also growing, resulting in

loss of brand reputation and revenues for businesses, and
health and other hazards for consumers of such products

Rate of growth of counterfeit > the rate of growth of the industry

The present methods to detect counterfeits are inadequate and unviable

Initiatives are needed to support original manufacturers/brand owners and consumers against deceit counterfeits

The Counterfeit Menace

The Indian industry loses a whopping ₹ 2,60,094 crores every year to illicit trade, and a corresponding loss to the Government of ₹ 58,521 crores per year! These were estimates done by a TARI-FICCI study for the year 2019-20. Since then, with growth of Indian GDP, the grey markets have also proliferated and have become a larger menace

The Global Counterfeiting Landscape

Impacted stakeholders

  • Loss of brand value
  • Health & safety issues
  • How to tackle grey markets
  • Burden of illicit trade
  • Loss of business
  • Compromised growth


  • Background

    Established as a private limited company in Jan 2019, based in NCR of Delhi, India.

  • Enables

    A unique /non duplicable tech solution to original manufacturers and brand owners to fight counterfeit products
    Without disrupting their established systems & processes

  • Model

    B2B2C model – businesses get attached to the platform, and channel partners and end-users use the
    LAMICheck App to scan the products to be authenticated.

The Founding Team

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